N  O  N    T  Y  P  I  C  A  L    C  A  S  T  I  N  G  S

Welcome to Metal Shed Cast Antlers
​      Metal Shed Cast Antlers is a new company that caters to the many thousands of hunters and wildlife enthusiasts across North America. All works were created by founder, Ron Alexander, an accomplished silversmith and avid hunter. Ron grew up hunting the Finger lakes region of upstate New York and has a particular passion for whitetail deer.
        Metal Shed attempts to capture the unique characteristics found in both deer and elk antlers, sometimes subtle, but more often-BOLD!!. I wanted to create something different and unconventional; hence the slogan "Non-typical castings". Every casting is created by hand, using the "Lost wax" procedure, never with the aid of computer generated CAD systems or 3D printers. This process enables us to cast complex  three dimensional objects with fine detail. Items cast in good metal have lasting intrinsic value and will last a lifetime, we only use stainless steel, bronze, silver and gold. We also take pride in the fact that our products are made here, in the USA, never overseas!

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